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As you may know today Microsoft had their E3 announcements

A new black Xbox 360 slim is to be hitting stores this week that has a 250 gig HD and also has built in WiFi which is a first for the Xbox and it comes with a price tag of $299, plus everyone that was at the event today got one for free

ESPN is coming to Xbox live at no extra cost for Gold members with 3,500 events live and on demand but no date yet to when its coming

Kinect which was once known as Project Natel hits stores Nov. 4th but still no price as for yet but a gamestop pre order link has it at $150

It will have 15 game at launch which is a high amount and those game announced are Kinectimals, Motionsports,  Kinect Adventures, Biggest Loser, Joyride, Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Sonic Free Riders, Kinectimals, and EA Active.

Even if I hated the ending of Fable II, Fable III is coming out October 26th

They showed footage of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and having been a fan of the very first game on the PS1 I can’t wait to be able to play MGS on a 360

There was also Gears of War 3 and Halo: Reach footage

With Windows Phone 7 you will be able to sync it with your Xbox Live account to view friends, achievements etc

For Call Of Duty fans it was announced that all map packs would hit the 360 first

All in all a good day for Microsoft with Kinect, the slim 360 and the ESPN news

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