UFC 116 – Lesnar Answers Big Questions

Posted: July 5, 2010 in MMA
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This had to be hands down the best UFC show of the year and best show they have done in a long time top to bottom this was a card where every fight delivered above and beyond what you was expecting every fight was exciting and every fight had a great finish.

I only managed to catch the second half the perlims on Spike before the PPV which I think was the Chris Tuchscherer vs. Brendan Schaub fight Schaub looked good in this fight which  he controlled from the start and he got the win with some punches on the ground

I think they may have showed Dave Branch vs. Gerald Harris but I may be wrong but anyway this was a kinda stand offish match but ended with Harris winning by slamming Branch to the mat in a move that Rampage would have been proud of

Kurt Pellegrino vs. George Sotiropolous ended with a decision win for Sotiropolous who could be a real force in the lightweight division if the UFC keep giving him the right fights and dont rush him against someone to good too soon

We had Krzystof Soszynski vs. Stephan Bonnar which was a must win for Bonnar and he showed by putting a hell of a fight like he always does, some great stand up in the first with Bonnar bleeding from under both eyes the fight ended in the second round when Bonnar dropped Soszynski with a knee and then started landing punch after punch for the win. It was great to see Bonnar get the win as he always gives his all when fighting and always has entertaining fights.

It was a shame Matt Brown vs. Chris Lytle had to follow this fight as they had a good fight themselves which was a pretty even first round Lytle then took control of the second round and won by submission

Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama delivered on all levels and the third round was the most exciting but this fight did have some great groundwork at one point it seemed to be typical Leben as he seemed to be out on his feet yet was still throwing punches, Leben ending up winning by triangle with 33  seconds left, after leben said he wanted Wanderlei Silva and to be honest that looks like a hell of an exciting fight so I hope the UFC can get it done.

Then we had the big fight with Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin for the UFC heavyweight title when these men had the stare down at the start of the fight it was really something to see these men standing next to each other they truly cut from the same rock they are almost mirror images in terms of size it was really amazing. It was an amazing first round and it looked like it was going to be the same as Carwin’s first 12 fights as he had Brock pinned against the cage and was just unloading punch after punch to Brock’s head, Credit has to go to ref Josh Roseenthal for not jumping in and stopping this fight and giving Brock the chance to continue. The second round had Brock landing a takedown and working on Carwin’s body with moving into position and working a head and arm choke and he manged to make Carwin tap. It was an amazing moment and one that if you asked 99.9% of the poeple did they think that Brock would win by submission they would have told you ‘No Chance in Hell’ but this really showed how much Brock has improved as an MMA fighter and answered a lot of the questions people had about him like does he have heart can he take a punch and most importantly does he have a ground game. To be fair Carwin may not have the best ground game but it still showed how much Brock is improving and should now not be taken lightly.

I picked four of the winners and I managed to get the Bonnar vs Soszynski match completely right

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  1. atomicgator says:

    Good predictions. Nicely done, I would have liked to seen some of these but I did check ESPN for the recap.

    Can’t believe the beating Lesnar withstood to comeback and win. He is a tough SOB

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