Project Natal named “Kinect”

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Video Games
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Having an Xbox as my console of choice a motion controller is not at the top of my list as the Wii has one with only a handful of games that are worth playing anyway for E3 it’s been announced that Project Natal is to be named “Kinect”. For me I like the name Natal more. Plus rumor has it Kinect could cost $149.99 which to be honest is very expensive for a controller so my hope would be that they have a use for it in all future games and not gimmick games as, as much as I enjoy playing the Wii when I go to people’s house it always seems that we end up laying Will Bowling and when it comes to play $150 plus $60 for a game I want a better experience that will hold up, now I’m fine with parts of games using the Kinect in the gameplay but I don’t want it to feel tacked onto a game just for the sake of having it there

Tech Blog engadget had posted pics of a unit that may very well be the Kinect unit but there have been no pics released from Microsoft yet.
Plus some games announced as well

Kinectimals where you play with virtual animals.

Joyride which as you can tell is a racing game where players steer with their hands.

Kinect Sports which like Wii Sports has your Boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis.

Kinect Adventures which is a River rafting  game

Dance Central which is a dancing version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Plus some Star Wars and Disney Games

Like I said above for the price tag I hope they bundle in a game or something as the high price point may put off people who are willing to spend money but are having to be careful with there money.

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